Case Studies

Two day conference for leaders and staff in an internal operations department (200 people)

This event was designed to communicate the annual review of the department and strategic plans for the next year, introduce new department heads, deliver technical training and build workforce networks.

The event had to engage both a variety of grades attending and a variety of specialisms (Finance, HR, Marketing, Learning & Development)

A combination of main room presentations and discussions, plus parallel breakout sessions were created.

My role involved leading the conference production team, designing the agenda and sessions, coaching the MC team and the Leadership Team members who were presenting, venue liaison, technical production crew sourcing and briefing and budget management.

I devised a cruise ship theme for the event, to tie in with the organisations current strategic campaign that had a water theme at its core. From the point of arrival (a gangway and piped arrival), to the sessions (main room layout ‘in the round’ with the stage set out like an atrium) and the entertainment (gala dinner with ‘deck games’ and cabaret)

Three day conference for 800 people in a Professional Services Organisation

This event was designed to celebrate the organisation’s success in the previous year, build workforce networks, communicate the Firm’s strategy and deliver technical training. The event had to engage participants with a wide variety of backgrounds, roles and levels of seniority.

I provided venue sourcing services, eventually selecting a University campus and making use of a main auditorium seating over 800 people plus a second auditorium seating 500 and a range of break out rooms, overnight accommodation and sports facilities (for the well-being sessions). I also set and managed the six figure budget, bringing the event in on target.

I designed the agenda, managed the conference team (production and on site), designed individual sessions, coached presenters, edited and produced an event magazine (high gloss 50 page souvenir with business and entertainment content), and MC’d the event.

The event used mime artists, had and Olympic multi gold medalist as a keynote speaker, used a casino theme for the gala dinner, had live and DJ music, and used expert nutrition and fitness presenters for the celebration and well-being sessions.

The event had an 88% satisfaction rating amongst participants.



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