Case Studies

One day 'away-day' for a process improvement consultancy

This one day event was designed to assist a new leadership team to generate new ideas and embed new initiatives in a practice where market share had become stagnant. The event also had to provide technical briefing opportunities and had a secondary aim of generating better internal networking in the newly restructured team.

The participants (25 in total) were all Partners or Directors and represented a variety of departments bringing potential conflicts in terms of their perception of priorities. My role was to agree the agenda for the day, design the sessions to maximise impact & output and to facilitate the discussion, brainstorming and planning sessions.

A 'Debating' theme was used on this event, recreating the debating chambers familiar to many of the participants from their 'University days'. In addition the venue (an art gallery) provided an opportunity to create a team building and fun activity based around the works of art.

The Boyatzis matrix (known/unknown resources/outcomes) was used during a discussion session around initial evaluation of new ideas.

One day 'emergency' event to address restructuring issues following market share losses

This one day event was designed under extreme time pressure and at a time of great uncertainty for the organisation. A newly formed leadership team was faced with a dramatic and unexpected drop in market share and the threat of disinvestment and restructuring from the parent organisation.

The event was designed to generate a plan of action for the leadership team and senior people in the organisation, prepare the basis for an investment support proposal, agree a communication plan and reach a consensus on the preferred organisational structure.

The 40 senior people in attendance had varying (and sometimes conflicting) personal and business agendas. My role was to design the agenda, providing MC input to connect each component on the day, and to facilitate the discussion, brainstorm and planning sessions.

There were significant challenges given the underlying background to the event, ensuring each participant felt appropriately involved without allowing any one viewpoint to dominate, balancing the relative seniorities in the room and managing time constraints given the large agenda and limited time (both on the day but also for actions thereafter). The need to be output focused was paramount.



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